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From War to Peace
Duncan meets Darius

The Set Of The Sail
A chance encounter in a library leads Connor MacLeod back to the sea and sails ... but it is his heart that Maggie learns to navigate.

No Change of Heart
A touching story of how Connor and Heather MacLeod faced the issue of an immortal's inability to have children.

And I Must Bide
A short story in answer to a challenge; Connor and Heather.

Rolled Into One
A short story in answer to a challenge; Connor and Rachel.

If It Isn't One Scene, It's Another:
A series of short stories with the same characters

Loving You
Connor and Rachel share a father and daughter moment

Fitz Caring
Mid-Week challenge response featuring Hugh Fitzcairn

The Self-same Winds
Matthew Clarke experiences Connor's teaching techniques.

Short Stories

And Baby Makes Three

Abandon Ship & Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier

Too Much of a Good Thing

The Smell of Death

Silliness Ensues

Diversification and The Match of the Millennium

Some Things

Death Declined

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