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Highlander stories deal with themes of immortality, fighting, and death. Most of these stories have adult language and situations. Please read responsibly and heed ratings!

Strong Enough
Duncan thought he was all alone after the massacre of the Lakota, but someone who knew him best was not far behind.

The hunt for Slan Quince united Connor MacLeod once more with his kinsman Duncan, but there was much more at stake then just a fight at Soldier's Bridge.

Lost and Not Found
After the death of Rachel, Duncan takes Connor away to the Highlands to sort out his grief. The author suggests you read "Strong Enough" and "Bridges" first. Rated NC17 for sexual situations

Free Flight
Connor, Duncan and lessons in quirky Immortal talents.

Mourning Morning
Written prior to the trainwreck that was Highlander: Endgame. (Also known as 'That Damned Endgame, *hawk-spit*')

When Boys Are Boys and Two Fairies
Two short humorous pieces archived together.

Gifts from the Street
A streetwalker has an encounter with a benevolent stranger. NC-17 for sexual situations.

No Stone Unturned
Duncan and Methos have a solid friendship, but there is one other man that the Highlander wants Methos to make peace with in the immortal game.

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About the Fear of Flying
Joseph Dawson brings tragic news to his friend Duncan, news that will pull the Highlander into a world far different from his own. A personal ordeal that demands of Duncan and Connor inner strength, endurance, sacrifice, kinship and love.

On Being Given Eyes to See
Joseph Dawson, hosting a yearly celebration party, has a special surprise up his sleeve for a particular group of Watchers. He is hoping to get a certain immortal to cooperate, but does not realize that he has unwittingly uncovered some old wounds from the past - wounds that will shape the Watcher's vision of immortal life.

Magic Lamp
A magical moment between Duncan and Tessa, NC-17 for sexual situations.

Up Near the Tree Line
Richie Ryan is off on his own after the fight with Mako, leaving Duncan wrestling with a maze of anxiety and loss. A visit with his own mentor forces the younger Highlander to explore his thoughts and feelings about immortal training. A story of teachers and students and the lessons they learn.

Passing Through The Fire
Mid-week challenge response: a story involving one of the Highlander characters unexpectedly encountering a supernatural, allegedly mythical or strange phenomenon.

In The Practice of Perfection
Mid-week challenge response: take two or more characters from the HL universe who disagree about a movie they have seen. Attention should be paid to the setting they are in, as much as the content of their arguments and observations.

Hammer and Anvil
Mid-week challenge response: write a surprise alternative ending to the movie “Highlander: Endgame.” The only requirement: You must use at least 2 lines from the lyrics of the popular song

In The Legend of Mission Creek
Duncan MacLeod reunites with his kinsman in the Old West and they learn about the forces that shape heroes and that threats do not always carry swords. When faced with a crisis, their teamed strength carries them through the hardship and solidifies their foundation as clansmen.

All In Green Went My Love Riding
In the Scottish Highlands, 1536, a young man is driven from the only home he has ever known. From there, he will find the only love he will ever need. Connor and Heather, from the beginning. NC-17 for sexual situations.

To Hold The Lightning
Duncan MacLeod, intrigued by a fragile artifact within his clansman's rotunda, inquires about its origin and the circumstances that placed it within Connor’s private collection. What follows is the saga of a woman destined to be immortal, yet hindered by a childhood injury – and the role Connor chose to play. NC-17 for sexual situations.

My Brother's Keeper, pt 1
My Brother's Keeper, pt 2
After the dark quickening, Duncan is consumed by guilt and a simmering anger at Connor MacLeod for not coming to his aid during the ordeal. Methos and Joe continue to support the beleaguered immortal while he tries to put his life in order.

Return of the Jedi Two
Trick or treating with an immortal twist; starring Duncan, Connor and Methos.

Declaring a Snow Day
Duncan puts two irritating immortals together for a day and ultimately decides that snow is the best thing for cooling them both off. Little does he know that the final prank will be on him! Featuring the snarky Methos, the bristling Connor, and the patient peacemaker Duncan.

A chance encounter between dangerous men leaves BOTH of them wondering if they can let the other walk away alive ... and who would survive the confrontation if they can't. Crossover with X-Men. Connor and Logan (Wolverine)

A walk on the beach transformed through the eyes of an old sailor.

The Tending
The ocean, a lighthouse, and one immortal; a companion piece to Seascapes.

Short stories archived together starting with "Within the Circle"

Within the Circle
Midnight Duty
Part of the Entertainment
Going Dark
The Tie That Binds
Wrong Clan, Same Vintage

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