Various CDCers's Story Page

CinnamonbearCDC's Stories (offsite links)

Vengeance Parts 1 & 2
Connor meets Cassandra...and Kronos.

KyrdwynCDC's Stories (offsite links)

In The Dark of the Night
Duncan's inner turmoil and anguish after killing Richie
My Lady Death (PG Version)
A Highlander/Vampire Chronicles crossover...Duncan and Connor meet Gabrielle

The Old Man, The Witch and The Elf
A Highlander/Star Trek crossover...Methos aboard the Enterprise

The Awakening Breath
Kate's story in HL: Endgame...also with Jin Ke

Pillow Talk

JanneCDC's Stories

Connor's Dead!

LahoffyCDC's stories

Hi-jinks On The High Seas
A response to a 'mayhem challenge' by haydenCDC incorporating pirates. Adult themes

A message of hurt and those who help us heal.

PacemCDC's stories

O Beautiful for Heroes Proved
Duncan, Connor and Independence Day

WildcatCDC's stories (offsite links)

Visionary Adult Themes
Connor MacLeod meets a woman with a past almost as secretive as his own. But will his heart survive when he learns the truth?

Healing Hearts NC-17 rated
Duncan gains a new student, who brings him in contact with a woman who can see far more than he'd ever thought possible. But an Immortal enemy poses a deadly threat.

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