The Playroom

The Playroom houses events and stories that have sprung up because of the CDC Compound and its occupants!
Warning: there be funny stuff here and some of it is adult content!

Archived Together

The Streakers ~ Adult Themes

Impromptu CDC Par-TAY ~ Adult Themes

The Advent Of k'lynn

Hidden In The Hay ~ Adult themes

The Care and Feeding of k'lynn

The Consequences of Drunken Driving ~ Language

The Delicate Art of Spectre Retrieval

The Bet-1 ~ Adult Themes

The Bet-2 ~ Adult Themes

Bad Day in Building "L"

Archived Together

Horseshoes and Halos

Hell's Angel

MacWessoned ~ Adult Themes

Dust Buffalo Stampede

Where There's Smoke

The Paintball Fight

The Sea Is Full of CDCers!

How Lahoffy Got Her Halo

Feather Tales

The Moat

Archived Together

k'lynn Started It! (or The Missing Bandanna)

A Game of Clue ~ Adult themes

Looking For A Cowboy ~ Adult themes


Strip Poker ~ Adult themes

k'lynn In The Kitchen

Valentine's Day Surprise

Vamps For A Day ~ Adult themes

St. Patrick's Day Madness

The Threesomes ~ Adult Themes

Archived Together

Twenty-seven Questions For the Immies

Beer Warnings! ~ Language

When Immortals Play Couch Potatoes ~ Adult themes

Party Favors

The Eyes Have It

The Naked Chef ~ Adult themes

Vacationing With Muses ~ Language

UPS Delivery


It Started In The Laundry Room

Archived Together

The Road Trip

Herding Kidlets

For The Keeper Of The Toes ~ Adult themes

Insanity With The Muses ~ Adult themes

Hunting For Halloween Costumes ~ Adult themes

Fall Party, ABC CDC style!

The Laces List ~ Adult themes

Howdy Do! The Cats Are in the Brew!

When CDCers Get Older

The CDC Fireplaces

Archived Together

Death By Mangos!

Ennaj's Arrival & Housing The Spooks!

T'was The Night Before Christmas ~ Language

Getting Connor's Birthday Cake ~ Adult themes

Godiva, lahoffy & Orcs, Oh My!

Denise Does Decorating ~ Adult themes

For Denise, The Leather Keeper

Twenty Reasons To Toss Methos In The Pool In His Beer Chair

The Snowball Fight

Vidalia Sneaks In

Archived Together

Vidalia Visits The CDC Compound

Ants In The Pants

The Sheep Story ~ Adult themes

Og's St. Patrick's Day Story

CDC ABC--March 29, 2003

Wild Thing

Denise's Chocolates ~ Language

If Anyone Looked

Seasoned Immortals ~ Adult themes

The Dog Days of Summer ~ Adult themes

Archived Together

Anniversary Present

On Checking Immortal Recuperative Powers... ~ Adult themes

Striped Cats

Vidalia's Induction Par-TAY

Catching A Shark ~ Adult themes

Communing With Nature ~ Adult themes

Bad Hat Day

On The Way To The Fall Picnic

Pretzel Highlander

Why Me?

Archived Together

CDC Holiday Filks ~ Adult themes

k'lynn and the Cow

Duncan Down on the Farm

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